Taking back my power, instead of my back taking my power…

I’ve spent my first week working on the project where I now live… and wow what a change… for starters I’m not glued to my screen.. yes, yes I admit, I’d enjoyed connecting to a lot of people online to talk about my spiritual experiences, and finding out that there are others just like me! But now is the time for a new balance to come into fruition…and lessons have come thick and fast!

A major habit I’ve had all through my life is trying to please people. From one instance it feels lovely to be the person who makes people happy, but that is IT! I feel like I’ve finally got to grips with being able to put my needs first and NOT feel guilty! After all, though I love to help people, and feel love and compassion to all people, unless I am giving the same attention to myself, I neither get things done that I enjoy and have made plans to do, nor have enough energy to give feely and willingly without some how resenting others when they are full of joy because I”m far too tired to enjoy myself!

Yesterday for the first time I finished a packet of rice cakes covered with vegan chocolate. Sounds boring right? For me it was a huge breakthrough!

Having made many new friends over the last week, all of whom are working as volunteers on the project where I now live, I sat and ate with impunity! And, not a shred of guilt for not offering around! And when you give yourself the same allowance you never more feel sad when someone else is enjoying their own moment with something without offering you their treat, whatever it might be….

Small though this step seems, and perhaps trivial too, it is a huge step for me, as I bring in my energy to my core and allow myself to switch off from those around me, unless they ASK for my attention with their voice!

This all stemmed from having a very stiff and sore lower back at the start of the week, and that is unusual for me, as I do yoga or dancing regularly enough to not really have any regular aches or pains. So as usual, I tuned into the pain, into my body and ask what the message was. Self-care was the main outcome. The need to take care of my body first, and my needs, and know that that really is ok. It really is ok to walk away from a group of people that are working because my back was hurting and I could do nothing to help them. So the week continued and saw me stopping for small breaks, working very slowly and methodically, and taking a morning off when I needed to.

Ok, so of course not so easy perhaps if you have a ”boss”, but even so, you could perhaps take more toilet breaks for a 3 minute mini mediation and rest? In the scheme of things, slowing down and doing things how you feel is best for you, gives you more energy, and more staying power, and  more “spare” energy to use for joy!

Thanks for checking in again, and sorry for the lack of regularity… living out of a tent for the moment, I will create a new regular post when I’m in our home (yet to be finished!)… Another lesson in allowing abundance into my life… but that’s another story! So if you are feeling worm out, or frazzled, take back your power, call in your energy, and allow yourself to enjoy your own time, and see how different your energy feels.

Blessings till next time!

Bipolar and the pineal gland…

When we are having a high, and then are sectioned, I see really that we are entering a frequency higher than those around us, we access visions and wisdom not previously seen and as we are in the West where there are no shamans, and the doctors are really sales-men for pharmaceutical companies, there is not enough help to se us through this amazing time of our life!

The time of the Rainbow warrior is upon us, where we are waking up, spontaneously or by choice, but either way, humanity if going through an epic cleanse out on a scale not seen before!

Our true divine nature is calling more and more of us, and those that are resisting change are likely to become ill, as an intense wake up call, or pass over, into another realm where then can learn more, but as a whole, humanity is rising up… and it’s down to the individual to make changes and take a driving seat in our own evolution…

Now, for some years after I was last sectioned, though my heart was craving meaning and spiritual pursuits, my fears or being re-sectioned, meant I avoided doing anything (drug wise) that would open up my third eye again, avoided late nights (as my all nighters seemed to bring on deep visionary states whilst in Uni) and I stayed as grounded and 3-dimensional as I Could! I Even trained to be an accounts assistant to much hilarity of some people around me! Especially as my lovely Ex combed out my dreads so I could take a job!

Now? NO FEAR! hahah well ok I’m still coming across some minor ones showing themselves, but I am every more walking my true path and speaking my truth….So if you are like me and you shut down your third eye, but now are wondering perhaps you COULD use it, would like to explore the other realms and not sure where to start without going to a festival and touting some psychedelic?…..

Well, I want to share with you a little method I remembered some time ago that I used to do as a kid until my mum shouted me so many times, I stopped!….


So… what am I doing? I’m gently pushing the heels of my hands into my eye sockets. When you surrender to this, you start relaxing your brain, your thinking mind, which allows us to relax the nervous system as you are telling yourself you are completely safe, and our ever so eager fight or flight calms down… We are allowing our whole nervous system to calm down, and therefore we can rebalance our body and energy… AND stimulate the pineal gland to relax and work!

Slowly but surely patterns appear… and there is are real trick to relaxing through this.. as soon as your mind goes “ooh I’m there” POOF its gone, and if you’ve taken acid, or similar you will understand that! so the trick is to watch, without commenting.. because after all, no-one else can see if right?

Many friends I reminded this to also did it as a kid and for some reason stopped…So have a go! and see what happens… After a while for me, the patterns that look like a Kaleidoscope merge into a central area, a circle, and that is the third eye that pulses… From here, you can begin to explore this dark realm. Sometimes if i’m not completely relaxed I get all sorts of colours and patterns and that is relaxing, and for a few moments I know I have entered the “void” where I am one with all, completely unhooked from the 3-d world and the matrix of beliefs we hold there… the longer I hold it, the more relaxation I feel

… other times, I have spoken to God, and heard ascended masters giving me advice about my life… sometimes I’ve had angels around me. Now, I’ve practised journeying for some time through my shamanic work, which gives a very tried and practised method to enter these other realms, but I know also throughout the day I can access them when I need advice and support… but this method actually relaxes me, and Spirit guided me to come here any time I needed a recharge…

For most people diagnosis or not, life can be full on, especially in these changing times, and we make little enough time for total relaxation, so if you fancy a little breather from your daily life, have a go.. don’t force it, don’t expect too much to quickly, and don’t worry, because as soon as you take your hands away, you are back here, POP and in your body, ready to go on!

Blessings and love ! Enjoy this Master day!



Be in your power and speak your truth!

For years I have been trying to “fix” myself. Mainly, so I didn’t have to face going back to a nut house, but in a wider sense, because I felt so at odds with most of society, I thought there MUST be something wrong with me!

And now, I realise that actually society is the thing that is pretty screwed up, and actually I just had a sense that there were better ways to live.. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t had a million little screwed up messages held in my energy system from all the times (and from other lives) that I was told I was odd/wrong/weird if not directly then by looks, and innuendoes by plenty of people.

Well, I forgive and love all of those people, because I understand how we have been oppressed for so long that most of humanity have forgotten our true nature, and are totally hooked on the 3d world where we are told we are empowered but not in a true sense, rather only if we are “Successful” rich and beautiful. I also know that every person that has questioned me, has helped on my journey, and taken me further into my self to question and contemplate compassion and understanding others…

Today however, I woke up with Jesus and ArchAngel Michael by my bed. Why? Because yesterday I yet again caved into some food habits that I am trying to cease, and was pleading for help and a teacher to appear. I knew that that was likely not to be “human”, because I know I have a part of my soul that resides in other realms, where I am from.

If you have had a “high” you are likely to have had a sense of the other realms, and such beings as Angels and Jesus. And of course we have been told they were hallucinations, but I am here to say STOP doubting! Begin to remember the feeling when you had those moment.


We have all been doubting things for eons, and worst, doubting our own self! And nothing stops our joy of life if we can’t even believe in ourselves! If you are not sure if you do, just think of something awesome that you’d love to do in your life, and then see if a little voice comes in and tries to tell you “you can’t”, or “you’re not ready”…

Did one appear? I am guessing something or even a feeling did… because I have walked around with a million different voices or reasons as to why I can’t do what I always wished to do… for me, that was help to change to world for the better…. Now i know, just by being me, I AM! Every day, I decree may I love more not less, and be all that I am, and harness the energy of those in realms above me. Slowly but surely I have seen my life change, but still I was frustrated, still I was wavering…

Today that changes for good. I live the truth I believe, that I come from a higher realm, and incarnated to help others, and also learn for my own ascension (as we are always ascending whatever realms we have travelled through!) because ultimately the only way is up, and when we get tot eh top, we are merging with the one, surrendering to the love that is, our Source of life.

Blessings to you, know you are never alone, and there is help available.. just ask an you will be guided… for we are all welcome back into the folds of love!

My murderous dream!….

Last night I had a dream. I know I dream every night, like we all do, and often I get a have of the feelings rather than the whole memory especially if I’ve set an alarm… however, today, I remembered a LOT about it! In fact I think I knew I was dreaming and was still in it, and it was pretty trippy!…Basically I knew I committed a murder, though I seemed to blank out the details of it… and I was seeking out comfort from friends, and had the realisation that I couldn’t explain my way out of this one… I just had to face up… No-one would be there to hold my hand. And worse, there was an advert on the tv or something about the guy that had died.. I think it was James Brown, or someone of similar standing. The gravity of my committing such horror and nothing to do about it… nowhere to hide from it.. but surrender and accept that “I DID THAT”….

And the feeling was when I awoke was that I needed to surrender to the fact that I have done terrible things, and made mistakes and really there is no explaining it away.. it just IS. And the more I (and we) try to avoid it, the more I (we) try to escape it with words and reasons, the less I (we) are able to feel the feeling about what I (we) did, or are doing… and usually “to another”…

I have always had a great ability to “explain” things… it was my way of coping with feelings that I had no idea how to feel or express, so I went into my head like many westerners, taught not to feel, and just “explained it all away”…

Years later I am undoing this dense energy I’ve stored inside for so long… sadness and guilt and a whole host of other feelings… and today’s dream may just be the stark reminder that perhaps I am too easily glossing over terrible things I’ve done to others in a way of avoiding feeling the real pain of realisation when you see what you have done to another…

Another behaviour that sprung alongside this “explaining things” was the linking to spiritual lessons, which I do wholeheartedly believe in – as in we bring situations to us that help our soul evolutions – but my behaviour is NOT excused by that fact that someone might learn! I am NOT allowed to just do whatever, knowing that they are going to learn something and be tested in their compassion for me (and all other humans ) when I choose to take on a particular behaviour!! WHY SHOULD THEY!!!

Something else happened later in the day that explained this whole situation a bit more, when I was discussing “psychic attach”, and whether the use of the word “attack” was right. If an energy or thought causes harm to another, without the source person being aware, and they are not consciously choosing to harm the other, is it still an “attack”? In the end, no-one who is acting from love, from the soul would choose to attack another. It is our unhealed self that lashes out, subconsciously defending something that we’d rather not face, and creating a conflict … that is often completely unknown to the perpetrator – because if they were self-aware and therefore in a state of love, they would not choose such a behaviour !

I see myself in the middle a the moment. I am acutely self-aware and have been most of my life, and tried to drink myself away from it, with no avail, I just could not loose my awareness. However there are levels of awareness, and as we evolve, we become ready to face a little more of our true selves, warts and all, and it becomes ever more easier to see ourselves plainly… but still I think I see layers and layers… and the time we are in now is a GREAT time to be the observer, and watch ourselves being triggered and also dig deep into the causes, whilst loving ourselves with compassion and releasing the old behaviours once and for all!

I read something yesterday that expressed the highest lesson for us all in humanity would be to learn to love, or be ABLE to love everyone as though we saw them through the eyes of God… if you struggle with a concept of a “god” then choose someone loving, such as Buddha… take on the role and see everyone as Buddha would… again that does not excuse behaviour, of lead us to put up with dangerous situations, more, give us the chance to move away and still see the other person (or ourself if we are tending to judge ourself) as  divine being that is learning and one who is worthy of love…



So… with so much love to you all… wishing you to ride the wave that this year continues to bring, and allow yourself to love ALL of yourself and  in doing so, be able to love those around you…


What is anxiety and what do we do with it!?

First of all, it’s NOT an illness that simply can be got rid off through the right concoction of medication. Far from it. That just numbs us into a being that has barely or no human feelings…  i implore you, please don’t go down that route!…(However, if you are on medication, I do not recommend simply chucking them without gaining help and support for reducing them in a safe way )

So what is it?

Simply put, Humans are energetic beings. We pick up all sorts of signals through the “airwaves” and use the information to decide our next action. If we perceive a danger, we are likely to feel a sense of anxiety in our body. A build up of such anxiety, might lead to a full blown panic attack where an individual is unable to cope with the present situation and the body enters a type of shock.

Today I’m going to ask “What happens physically?”

When we feel anxious (and this is from my own experiences not a text book or paraphrasing others), our stomach muscles tighten, and all sorts of other muscles start to tighten as we have entered fight or flight.We have triggered our body’s “sympathetic nervous system”. We might stay in this state for some time and carry on running on adrenaline, until we take action to calm ourselves down, or our nervous system perceives the danger to have passed, and we begin to relax.

Simply put, the lack of oxygen to the brain, and the overstimulation to the nervous system, begins to take it’s toll, as we are less able to think rationally, and all our body is doing is preparing to take flight from this perceived danger….

We have a few options at this stage, and I’ll begin with the least helpful, and work up to steps that YOU can take to improve your life not just once but forever…. :

*Try to ignore it, and distract ourselves with food/tv/drink etc… basically this is numbing ourselves and trying to forget the feeling inside us…It’s also very common, and the media plays right into this need that we have developed of avoiding our feelings! This also can prevent us doing anything that gives us anxiety, and can lead to quite a limited life … trust me, I had a limited life for most of my 20s where I ignored anything (including big cities) that was just too much!

*Go see GP or psychiatrist – who could put you on some medication… they might also enrol you onto a mindful course… which can help us to bring ourselves into the present moment, and remember that there is no “real” danger…However, the medication acts like any other distraction: alleviates our feelings for a while, but doesn’t address the deeper reasons behind our feelings.

*Accept and dive into the feeling, and begin to open up to your subconscious… and use the feelings that come up (and you can do the same process with ALL feelings) as a learning tool to get to know yourself, release old fears and beliefs, and make real changes in your life!


the art of surrender…. 

The last option is what I’ve been doing for the last few years. Before that I was living in a near constant state of anxiety/fight-or-flight and lived in my mind, contemplating as a coping mechanism to avoid my feelings. When other people might self medicate (and I did that alongside!) I would “think” my way through situations that I didn’t like, trying to understand what was happening. However that is only half the story.

We NEED our feelings, as they are the body’s way of communicating with us. If we ignore them, we can create energy blocks around the body, and ultimately this can lead to illness and death as the life force literally cannot flow through the blocks.

So the steps to delve into your feelings are something like this:

  1. Recognise that there is a feeling. Contrary to popular belief, whatever you label the feeling (anxiety, stress panic attack) if you are recognising that there is a feeling, you are a long way to being  present with yourself, and your sensitivity is NOT a weakness, rather a fact that you are becoming more self-aware!
  2. Locate where it is in the body. You might now place your hands gently on it, comforting yourself, and drawing your energy and awareness there.
  3. Breathe into the feeling, rather than wishing it would just “go away”. By doing so, you are feeling your whole self (including your subconscious) that you are willing to listen to what the feeling has to say (and ultimately you are listening to your soul as you gain guidance and wisdom from the feeling and situation from your higher self)
  4. Allow yourself time (if possible within you day!) to breath deeper into the feeling, and see if you can dig deeper…I’ll give an example that might illustrate….
    1. I feel a tightening in my stomach above my belly button. I know this to be my solar plexus chakra that deals with amongst other things, motivation and right action. I am talking to someone I know through another friend. I wonder why this feeling has arisen, and observe myself starting to feel disappointed that I’m not able to be perfectly calm all the time. This is the first recognition for me: that my perfectionist self is trying to lead me down the road of self-doubt and “not good enough”. I stop that and thank the thought.
    2. I breath into the area, rather that trying to avoid it. I know that this helps, even though there is a nagging feeling that I should “be better” already.
    3. Breathing in, I remember what happened, that I was talking to the lady, and realised that I had felt like I was a fraud in front of her. I then peeled back a layer of self that still doesn’t quite believe in myself and my experiences. I thank these thoughts for how they have served me, as they have driven me to push forward and learn more and more, and continue with self-development.
    4. I delve deeper, and realise that I was trying to convince her of my self, and my experience, and realised that event though she was there, in reality I was really trying to convince myself. Everyone that comes to our lives plays a role of reflecting back to us something that is not resolved. Otherwise we would be in a state of love with everyone we meet! I thank this lady for the experience.
    5. I also recognise that I it IS ok to have a part of me that doesn’t quite believe my luck, and where I am in my life. INSTANTLY the feeling has gone! I chuckle to myself. Never has this type of delving bought such a quick response! I realised that I had been denying the “doubter” inside, because I HAD to believe in myself to take certain actionsI have over the last few years, otherwise I would have given in to the easy choice, or what I perceived was expected of me from the outside influences!
    6. I send love to the part of myself that i have denied – the inner doubter – and thank it for the part it has played. I neither wish to negate it completely or ignore it any more, I have made PEACE with a part of myself, and in doing so, I have made peace with all beings that also show signs of this trait!

So, to summarise what you are doing in this process, I would invite you to imagine that you are a sphere. And every different trait or thought makes up this sphere. As soon as we decide that this part is “not allowed” usually due to listening to someone when we are younger – parent, teacher, friend, media – we begin to try to erase that from ourself. We might begin to judge it, or commonly just erase the feeling and the associated behaviour. We might find ourselves judging others that display the same traits as they are reminding us of something we had decided to ignore/erase.

In this way, we create a division – and this is the subconscious: the part of us that we have denied for whatever reason! Our brain as part of the nervous system that is designed to keep us “safe” is exceedingly clever at hiding from us what is deemed to be dangerous. Imagine, you are told not to do something when you are younger – knowing you may well get told off if you do a certain action. Then of course, you start to wipe it from your being hoping you won’t get in trouble again. It may not be until years later that you find out the action was not harmful, but you were led to believe it was because of the implied repercussion of chastisement if you continued!

Similarly when we suffer a trauma, our brain cleverly blanks it out, until some later time that we are able to comprehend and deal with it, unless we are able to fully express the feelings that arise at that time. For example, recently I was nearly struck by lightening, as in, the flash and thunder were so close we were blinded by the bright, and deafened momentarily by the noise! The friend that I was with could not believe the racket I made!

But I know now to express entirely every bit of feeling that occurs through me, rather than holding back for the sack of propriety, because when we hold anything in, has to be released some time down the line. So, that evening, I wailed like a banshee and allowed my self to shake like a leaf in a storm. It was thrilling to just “let go” in the moment, and not bother trying to act a certain way. I let it all out! The natural path of my fear and all the hormones that were realised were allowed to take place, and I felt fully at peace afterwards, in a way you might liken to the peace you have post orgasm!

When we are feeling anything we’d rather not feel, we are being ”triggered”, and often we are reacting from an emotion that was previously locked in the past. And until we fully feel the feeling, dig deeper, and learn the understanding that that past scenario gave us, we may carry that trauma and feeling for years, if not our whole life, never fully releasing the energy behind it. When we become familiar with the process, it becomes a friend, a tool to use in any scenario, and something that unlocks door upon door of self-knowledge!

The result over time is that we are releasing a back log of emotional energy from our mind/body/soul and we make room for more life force/chi/prana/love to enter our system. We are cleansing ourselves from the inside out, and over time, you will also notice you feel lighter, with a clearer head and you begin to feel a sense of peace.

Further, if you are able to commit time to your own self-healing, you can allow yourself to meditate deeply into your body, feeling into anywhere you have stiffness or pain, and breath into the area. Slowly you become able to have a conversation with yourself about why there is an energy blockage there. It is through this method I have had the deepest visions and healing over the last year that have led to enormous breakthroughs in my life, and have enabled me to make moves forward with living the life of my dreams, having released energetic blocks that were holding me back!

This might all sound a long process, but as you begin to get comfortable with the process, every feeling you have will be an exciting journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance, rather than something to dread. Further, it is all to easy to blame someone near to you when an uncomfortable feeling arises, and in doing the inner work on yourself, you begin to be able to thank them for being a trigger, and love them, rather than building up a feeling of resentment if we perceive them to be the root of our suffering!

Good luck with your journey, and please know there is so much support out there at any time that we let it in! I spent years thinking no-one understands, but one day, I prayed for help and a friend that understood, and my life changed – because I allowed the universe to help, rather than my old pattern of “I’m alone and not worthy of help” (or something similar!). Ask for help and you might just get a surprise! Above all though, our own journey is our responsibility, and the sooner we start to take it, the sooner we begin to take our power back, and be in the driving seat of our life!

Download central…

I’ve been beating on myself recently, not feeling like I’m “doing enough”… it’s been a big theme in my life for as long as I can remember, the feeling that I must be “doing” to be “worthy”…Especially since moving to Portugal and trying to “set up” my new life! However… in “doing” rather than “being” so much of my time, I’m not allowing the influx of energies and uploads that are coming to us on Earth right now…

And deep down, I know that it is in this absolute stillness of being, we allow connection to the god-self, to the void, and are in a state of peace. I watch my Caroline persona do all sorts of distractions so that I don’t experience that, but when I’m in it, I know it to be the most blissful state of being possible for a human! The ultimate, of course, is to be in that state of grace throughout our days…


The ancients in the West would speak of Chi or Prana, or art of Zen, and essentially, that is living with complete ease so that we work with the flow of energy (or god/prana/chi/life force), rather than pushing ourselves too fast, then facing the consequences (complete wipe out through exhaustion!)…. Even as I write this, I can feel my fingers typing quicker and quicker as though if I don’t write it within 2 minutes my brain with go dead and nothing will come out! Why the rush? Really Caroline why the Rush!

And to you I invite the same…. let us allow ourselves, if just for today, to do everything we would normally do at break-neck speed, to be completed half time, or slower!…Then see how we feel!

The time we are in is the most exciting time in Human history… the wisdom of the ancient ways is being infused to so many of us, we are awakening to our soul memory, rather than living in a way that is cut off from our soul self, we are empowering ourselves and each other to stand up into our truth…. and we can only ascend further and further when we allow enough time for our body, mind and soul to come together. If that means meditating, so be it, for me walking and dancing are two of my favourite ways to remember this state of being…

We can also use anything and everything we do as an opportunity to do this… and the more we are in a relaxed state, the easier we can integrate the downloads of energy that are incoming continuously at the moment! Those in the higher realms are CRYING out to help us, and reach us, we only have to listen! And when I’ve not tuned in for a few days, the first thing they remind me of is to listen… and we can only listen when we are relaxed, and not on the defensive, not in “fight or flight”…

To hear the messages your soul, and other light beings, want you to hear, take some time to come to stillness…. If you’ve been “High”, you might have spontaneously experienced “beings” talking to you, you may well have spoken to Spirit, or God, but then have been told “not to be so silly”, invited to believe that you are “crazy” for these experiences… NOT SO… you were merely having a peak into the other realms, tuning in to other frequencies.. but perhaps “by accident” rather than choosing to walk the “spiritual” path…

I read recently that throughout the ages there have been those that have these spontaneous awakenings and if they are not then guided it is easy that they lose their mind from being so different from those around them… and on 21st Century Earth, that seems to be happening all too often!….take solace… for there are many of us who know otherwise… we are One with Creator, and Creator wishes for us to wake up to our divinity…

Blessings !

Who am I again??

Recently I’ve been asked that quite a lot. “Will I ever see there real you?”

So I ponder once more. Who am I then? Feels like all the time we’re embarking in some healing journey we might wake up and go “aha!” found it, that was me all along that I forgot to be… well who IS that one? The baby that was born innocent? Free of fear and sadness, free of hurt?

Really at the heart of us all, the one who observes, is of course pure consciousness … the path of all spiritual teachings is to clear all the karma, the layers of ego or false personalities to realise that we are all life force, aka God…. whatever that might mean to you, can you conceive that there is a “still” and peaceful part of us all? When you are “in the flow” whether through love-making, making a cake, skiing or driving fast down a country lane, we all feel alive and fully present, and blissfully clear of our mind chatter.. THAT is who I am…and who YOU are!

So who is THAT?!


Part of the multiverse ???

I’ve often had conflicts about this, feeling that if I’m NOT in this still point, or “void”, are my thoughts then fake? I’ve been to the silence so often, so why do I come back!! Am I an imposter? I do feel that we have been created as slices of the ultimate God-self for that one to experience everything, so are we meant to remain this silent ultimate self?

To pop back into source from whence we came?

No. I don’t think so. We are ever evolving, and coming INTO a space of being, but that GOD doesn’t’ want stillness, after all, we came into being to experience. So really I am ALL of me. The part that gets angry (yes, i’m getting shown i really can do anger just at the mo!), and the part of me that cries, the part of me that talks in many other languages that are beyond my human comprehension just now… there is no “me” and “not-me” they are all versions of me at different frequencies.. and the further we go along the further we access them all, and can bring them together, or at least understand which part of ourself is coming through.

I urge you, allow yourself to be ALL that you are.. the more we resist our feeling self, thinking that to be imperfect, the more we tell ourselves that we are not allowed to feel…

So many of my releases recently have been about saying sorry to myself for all the times I’ve disrespected myself trying to appease those around me, for fear of rejection! Not allowing my true feelings in case I offended someone else! What a game huh? Pissing myself off, treating myself like i’d treat no-other, then wondering why I feel so de-motivated!… So… here I start once again, stronger, and more centred, with an aim of self-love, ever more self-respect and imploring you to do the same

Whatever your label, get rid of them, and know you are beautiful. Know that you are an evolving being that is waking out of an epic slumber of many lives suppressed by the matrix, who is undoing years of karma that you have taken on from your families, to clear and heal, and we are taking humanity to a new era, where love is prevailing, and we will be like the “Air-bender” (film I watched last night!).. one who manifests, alchemists, creator beings, who can create the loving life we all crave for!